PMUC products (Products and Materials Used in Electric, Nuclear or Thermal Power Plants) potentially have a corrosive action on steels when they contain halogenated or sulfur-containing species.

In order to be authorized to be placed on the market, PMUC products must be approved by EDF, after having been analyzed and tested in an EDF approved laboratory for PMUC.

The products concerned are those that can be used at the Central during manufacturing, assembly, maintenance or technical operations.

There are 24 categories of products classified PMUC by EDF: glues, varnishes / paints, anti-seize, cleaning / decontamination / protection products, plastics, seals, leak detection or sealing products, abrasives …

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The PMUC analysis consists of determining the halogen (Fluor / Fluorides, Chlorine / Chlorides, Bromine / Bromides) and sulfur contents of the products and materials intended to enter the Power Plant, according to EDF protocols specific to the product family.

Once the analysis has been carried out, a report is drawn up and sent to the customer to present the results to EDF for the delivery of PMUC approval by EDF.

Our PMUC testing and analytical services approved by EDF

FILAB laboratory is approved by EDF to carry out different types of PMUC analysis:

  • PMUC product testing upstream of a PMUC approval request
  • PMUC product testing approval : Chemical analysis to obtain PMUC approval
  • PMUC product testing control and monitoring analyses

PMUC chemical analysis carried out by FILAB comply with the EDF D5713 / DJX / RB 90 0295 procedure.

The controls carried out by the laboratory consist in testing the halogen (Fluorides F-, Chlorides Cl-, Bromides Br-) and sulfur contents of Products and Materials Usable in Power Plants (PMUC) in order to verify compliance with EDF chemical specifications – PMUC.

Did you know ? FILAB laboratory is a member of the Nuclear Valley competitiveness cluster.


A laboratory approved by EDF for PMUC testing

An ISO 17025 accredited laboratory by COFRAC

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With a team of 60 people including 5 doctors and 7 engineers, FILAB is an independent laboratory, experienced in the analysis and characterization of the surface of materials. Our human size, our multisectoral know-how and our permanent investments in the latest technologies guarantee our clients reliable results, rapid processing of requests and tailor-made support to our clients’ needs.

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